This NBA Superstar Paid $65K To Turn His Challenger Hellcat Into A Comic Book Car


Superheroes are cool and all but this is too much.

Dwight Howard of the NBA's Houston Rockets recently gave his Challenger Hellcat a makeover inspired by The Flash. The massive center isn't exactly known for his speed, but he has experimented with comic book nicknames before, most recently going by Superman. Apparently Howard was looking to reinvent himself in his new city, so he took his Hellcat to 713 Motoring to give it this Flash-inspired makeover.

Said makeover includes special badging, wheels, stitching on the seats and even a light that shines Flash's logo on the ground when the doors open. All told it will cost about $65,000. The wheels and paint definitely look awesome, but the tribute is a bit over the top and nerdy for someone approaching 30. To each his own, just don't tell Dwayne Wade (aka the NBA's first Flash) about this custom job!

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