This New Bugatti Concept Will Never Be Seen On The Road

Say hello to the “Buyachti.”

Bugatti has carved out a solid reputation for developing some of the most pristine vehicles in the world. Each finished Bugatti is practically a work of art. The Bugatti Veyron, for example, has an engine that is entirely assembled by hand. In fact, it takes the Bugatti craftsmen more than an entire week to build a single engine for the Veyron. With such high standards when it comes to producing vehicles, it goes without saying that anything Bugatti lays its hands on will be refined into a masterpiece.

For this reason, this latest Bugatti concept is incredibly exciting. Not only because, if produced, the concept would bear the coveted Bugatti logo, but because of what the concept is. British designer, Fraser Leid’s concept for a Bugatti Atlantean Racing Yacht has introduced the French hypercar brand to entirely new territory. Although the yacht design was not directly commissioned by Bugatti, Leid’s initiative is definitely sleek enough to be taken seriously. The design for what we have dubbed the “Buyachti,” takes cues from the Bugatti Type 57 of the 1930s. Let’s hope that we get to see one of these in real life in the near future.

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