This New Dealership Charges You $10 Just To Look Inside

You might bump into Floyd while you're there.

The Wynn Casino in Las Vegas is made for havingfun, living large, and blowing a lot of money when you probably shouldn’t. Withthese factors in mind, it's almost surprising that more exotic car dealershipsdon’t open up shop in locations like this. Where else BUT a casino would you belikely to make an incredibly irresponsible financial car decision even under theinfluence of alcohol? Right, almost nowhere. This idea, however, isn't quite new.

We don't see anything wrong with footing the bill on an new exotic if you have silly money,but if don't, this dealership might take advantage of you. What better place to take advantage ofpeople who are already blowing tons of hard-earned cash (or just gambling cash)than the middle of a large casino and hotel’s lobby?It sounds like a bold move, but that’s what Towbin Motorcars of Nevadahas just done. That’s right, the same dealership that has purportedly soldFloyd Mayweather over 100 luxury cars. Therewas formerly a Ferrari-Maserati dealership in the same location that went bankrupt, but thanks to Towbin Motorcars, you can onceagain shop for Bentleys in between rounds of poker. Or rounds of shots, ifthat’s your thing.

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