This New Mercedes X-Class Commercial Is Extremely Odd


But it still makes us want this truck in the US.

Mercedes-Benz left many people disappointed when it announced the new X-Class pickup truck would not be sold in the US. Even though not everyone loves the truck's styling, we thought that a luxury branded pickup like the X-Class would have huge market potential in a truck-oriented market like the US. While we won't be getting the lux truck, we have been following its progress and Mercedes just aired a new commercial for the X-Class called "Follow," which we think is a little bit odd.

The commercial shows the Nissan Navara-based truck in a range of settings ranging "from the roughest desert to the most stylish urban setting." As the X-Class drives around, all sorts of weird people start to follow the truck.

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The followers use all sorts of means to catch up to to the truck, including rally buggies, a jetpack and even space ships. At one point in the ad, the X-Class is even being chased by a giant monster and a hoard of aliens. This ad is extremely strange, but it does enough to make us want this truck. We believe that there are plenty of buyers in the US who want the practicality of a pickup truck with the prestige of a Mercedes-Benz. Does this commercial sway you as much as it swayed us?