This New Mustang Shelby GT500's Carbon Fiber Wheels Have Been Destroyed

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It's not pretty.

In the race to build the ultimate sports car, manufacturers have been turning to lightweight materials to keep weight down and performance up. One of the most popular in recent years is carbon fiber. This magic material is both light and extremely strong, making it perfect to use in high-performance vehicles and race cars. While some manufacturers like to use it as decoration, others implement the material in key areas of the car. One such area is the wheels. Manufacturers like Porsche run carbon fiber wheels on cars such as the Exclusive Series 911 Turbo S, and Ford has also given it a go with the Shelby GT500. In a recent video, we can see how well these ultra-exclusive wells hold up to an accident.

YouTube/Speed Phenom
YouTube/Speed Phenom
YouTube/Speed Phenom
YouTube/Speed Phenom

In the video, we can see the aftermath of a Shelby GT500 that has been in an accident, and it will send shivers down the spine of any gearhead. The wheels are clearly shattered, with bits and pieces of carbon fiber strewn across the road. Carbon-fiber wheels weigh next to nothing, which is why manufacturers love to use them on special models such as the Shelby GT500. Those who buy one of these track monsters get the option to fit the Carbon Fiber Track Pack which, for $18,500, adds features such as Recaro leather-trimmed seats, an exposed carbon fiber GT4 track wing, but most importantly a set of 20-inch exposed carbon-fiber wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Cup Sport 2 tires.

Burnout Ford
Side View Ford
Rear View Driving Ford
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The video does not reveal the cause of this epic failure, so there's no telling if it was the driver's fault or the wheel itself that just gave way. Despite the massive cost of the carbon package for the Shelby GT500, and carbon fiber's reputation as a massively strong material, avoiding potholes and uneven road surfaces should always be kept in mind.

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