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This New Retro Hypercar Wants To Fight Aston Martin

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The design is inspired by a vintage Italian concept car. Do you recognize it?

Next year marks the start of a new era for sports endurance racing. New regulations will allow manufacturers to enter prototype racing cars in the new hypercar class that more closely resemble their production car counterparts.

Aston Martin, for example, will be entering a racing version of the Valkyrie, and Toyota is developing a race car based on the GR Super Sport Concept that debuted at the 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon. Even Lamborghini is considering entering the new Le Mans hypercar class. Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus will also compete in the new class, and has teased its upcoming Le Mans racer for the first time.

In a post on Facebook, James Glickenhaus refers to the car as the Glickenhaus LMP1. A teaser photo also gives us a sneak peek at the car’s curvaceous body from the back. It looks very striking, with its raised fins incorporating slim LED light strips, a large diffuser, dual exhaust pipes, and golden wheels.

Glickenhaus also confirmed a road-legal version of the Le Mans racing prototype will be built, but it isn’t clear which model we’re looking at here. According to Glickenhaus, the design takes cues from the quirky Alfa Romeo B.A.T concept cars designed by Bertone in the 1950s, so the new hypercar should look very futuristic.

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As for technical specifications, Glickenhaus confirmed in the comments of the Facebook post that the new hypercar’s engine will send 650 horsepower to the rear wheels while a KERS unit will send 150 hp to the front axle. It will also be an entirely new model, so it won’t be based on the SCG 004 designed for GTE, GT3, and GT4 class racing.

When will SCG’s new hypercar debut? A reveal date hasn’t been confirmed, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the covers come off at Monterey Car Week, which is just around the corner.