This NFL Player Just Won A Bet For A Porsche 911 GT3


Although, he probably won't ended up collecting the car.

This Summer, we reported that New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall made a bet with Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown to see who would finish with the most receiving yards this season. Brandon Marshall had one of his best seasons last year, but poor quarterback play has resulted in him being 500 yards behind Brown with only one game to play. What made this bet more interesting was the Marshall wagered a Porsche 911 GT3 in exchange for Brown's uniquely tailored Rolls Royce Wraith.

Although Brown pointed out that his Wraith was worth a lot more than a GT3, Brown was entertained by the bet if Marshall was in fact serious. Fans of football know that Antonio Brown is one of the league's best wide receivers who is currently 4th in receiving yards and second in receiving touchdowns. By comparison, Marshall is 44th in receiving and 78th in touchdowns. ESPN reports that Brown has responded to Marshall's bet by saying "@bmarshall, you could send me the pink slip, or donate the car to @project375! Glad we're both healthy, mentally and physically !! #callgod."

Project375 is a charity that was cofounded by Marshall to promote awareness for mental health. This is absolutely the best way for Brown to respond to the bet by having Marshall donate the money to his cause. A 911 GT3 costs around $130,000, so this would be a very nice donation. It is pretty noble to pass up on a free Porsche and we don't know if we could do it, although to be fair we don't make as much as Brown. Next time, Brandon Marshall should think twice before challenging arguably the greatest wide receiver in football. Who does he think he is betting pink slips, Paul Walker?

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