This Nissan Dealership Has A Crazy Method For Selling Cars


It's even better than a wacky, waving, inflatable tube man.

Nissan has hit a rough patch in 2019 with its former CEO facing charges for embezzlement and operating profit expected to drop drastically. The Japanese automaker's operations in the United States have become the biggest burden given its aging product line, excessive capacity, and unprofitable operations. But things aren't all bad for Nissan. Recently updated models like the 2019 Altima and the Leaf E+ show a glimmer of hope, and Nissan dealerships are still finding clever methods to move inventory.

There are plenty of cliche tactics for luring buyers to a dealership like free hot dogs, giveaways, and an inflatable tube man in the parking lot. But Sutherlin Nissan in Orlando, Florida has stumbled upon an entirely new way to attract customers, according to a report by the Miami Herald.

Instead of free food or flashy advertising, Sutherlin Nissan Orlando allows customers to hang out with an adorable flock of ducks. Dealership manager Ulrich Stanley takes care of the ducks and even posted a video on Facebook of them eating out of his hand on the showroom floor. The caption for the video reads: "Our baby ducks are not babies anymore, but we absolutely love them! It's an all-day event cleaning up after them though." It all began when employees at the dealership noticed a duck nest right outside of the window. When the eggs hatched, the employees began to feed the ducklings.


"At first, the mother was really protective of the babies," Stanley said. "Now they come in at least 15 times a day, and she doesn't mind at all." The ducks have even aided Sutherlin Nissan in selling cars. "We let kids feed them and they put people in a good mood," Stanley said. So if you run a Nissan or any other dealership and sales have been sluggish, just get a flock of adorable ducks.


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