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This Nissan GT-R Has The Wildest Wings We've Ever Seen

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This beast should be capable of setting some blistering lap times.

Hill climb racing requires cars with fast acceleration and insane amounts of downforce to navigate tight and twisty courses. Volkswagen, for example, built the I.D. R electric racer specifically to tackle the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, and it will soon attempt a new EV record at the Nurburgring. This hill climb car, however, is easily one of the craziest looking creations we've seen in a while.

Franco Scribante Racing has unveiled its new Nissan GT-R hill climb racer, and you'll immediately notice the car's astonishing aerodynamic kit. A carbon fiber splitter and a massive wing dominate the front, and there's another comically large wing at the back along with a huge diffuser underneath the vehicle. At high speeds, the aerodynamic enhancements reportedly produce more downforce than the vehicle weighs to keep it glued to the road, but no specific figures have been provided, sadly. The rest of the exterior looks like a regular GT-R, except the body panels are all made of carbon fiber to save weight.

A video posted on the team's Facebook page reveals that the engine can develop 2,200 horsepower, but the crew detunes it to produce 1,600 hp at the wheels. To manage this colossal power two computers can be used to dial back the torque for maximizing traction on the road.

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The team received the car only three weeks before it makes its debut at the Jaguar Simola Hillclimb in South Africa, which runs from May 2-5 and the team have been working 18-hour days to prepare it in time, redesigning and engineering the suspension, chassis, programming, body and aero of the car. It already looks capable of setting some blistering lap times, but the team is confident it can make the car even quicker in the future.