This Nissan GT-R Just Broke The Quarter-Mile Record With 2,200 HP

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But it's still not enough for these insane racing drivers.

There are a million means to an end, and nowhere does that become more clear than in the sport of racing. The objective is always the same: cross the finish line first. Still, the means of reaching that goal is always different. Nurburgring hermits like James Glickenhaus seek out light cars with mid-sized engines making respectable horsepower numbers in order to cross the finish line first. However on the drag strip, the skill set needed to win changes drastically.

That's something EKanoo Racing team knew well when it got together to build this monster Nissan GT-R that does more than enough to secure the "Godzilla" nickname for the marquee.

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For them, and for every racing team looking to set a drag strip record, massive amounts of horsepower dribbling from engine to all four wheels is what becomes important. It's easy enough to add silly amounts of horsepower, but it's containing it within one body and one drivetrain that becomes difficult. By the looks of things, it's safe to say that EKanoo Racing managed that feat because its Nissan has managed to break records and become the fastest GT-R on the drag strip. The supercar hit the quarter mile in a record-beating 7.168 seconds at 209 mph thanks to a suspected 2,200 horsepower engine, although the team claims that it would soon like to see its time dip under the 6 second mark. What rebels.

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