This Nissan GT-R-Powered Toyota 86 Is As Crazy As Sports Coupes Get

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A GT-R engine in a tiny Toyota. What can go wrong?

Ridiculous engine swaps aren't a new thing for the Toyota 86. Not so long ago, someone thought it would be a brilliant idea to slot a Ferrari 458 engine into the dinky little coupe, and an even larger Lexus IS-F 5.0-liter V8 was somehow shoehorned into the 86's engine bay for the Japanese racing driver Max Orido to use in D1 drifting events. Perhaps the most bonkers 86 engine swap we've seen so far, though, has to be this Nissan GT-R twin-turbo V6-propelled example as assembled by Street FX Motorsport, first reported by Motor Authority.

Even on its own, the basic configuration of having a Nissan GT-R engine in an already extensively modified Toyota 86 is pretty bonkers. However, the Australian graphics producers and car part importers clearly thought that wasn't insane enough, as it's decided to now focus its attention on modifying the motor.

On top of boring out the 3.8-liter engine to the point where it's now a 4.1-liter, a pair of HKS turbochargers are also being fitted to the V6. How much power this revised engine will now produce remains to be seen, though Street FX is targeting an output in the 1,000-hp category. If that goal ends up being met, this tiny Toyota will have a truly outrageous amount of grunt at its disposal! Despite its raw nature, this mad 86 will still feature some creature comforts. A proper interior has been retained, and there's even plans of installing a new air-con system to replace the factory setup that had to be ditched in the engine swap process. As we alluded to earlier, what an insane car.

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