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This Nissan Juke Snowmobile Is Real And It's Spectacular

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Too bad the Juke is no more in the US.

Although the Nissan Juke may be discontinued in the US it still lives on in other markets, specifically Europe and Japan. Nissan figured the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon would be the ideal venue to debut one of the wildest "variants" of its funky-looking small crossover to date. Meet the Juke Personalization Adventure Concept. Instead of conventional wheels, this thing features a set of snow tracks for both the front and rear suspension. Not only did Nissan have to give it a lifted suspension, but it also features massive fender flares, a huge roof rack and bright green accents throughout. There's also an LED light bar mounted on top of the roof rack specifically for night time adventures.

Unfortunately, Nissan has not said what's under the hood, but the last time Nissan built a Juke snowmobile, 2015's Nismo RSnow, it was based on the Juke RS and had its 215 hp engine, as opposed to the standard Juke's 188 hp. The Nissan Kicks has replaced the Juke as the brand's small crossover offering in America, but can anyone envision the Kicks receiving these blizzard-ready modifications? Time will tell.

The second vehicle Nissan has just unveiled online for Tokyo is a customized X-Trail, which in the US is sold as the Rogue.

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This one here has a two-tone black and gold body along with tinted headlights and taillights. It's definitely not as exciting as the lifted Juke, but Nissan, as we already reported, will be bringing a few other cool vehicles to the show. Among them, there's the Nismo Leaf RC, Nissan Formula E car, and the limited edition GT-R inspired by tennis Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka, who also serves as a brand ambassador. A total of 50 examples of this special GT-R are planned and will go on sale in Japan only.