This Obnoxious Ferrari 458 Speciale Owner Wants You To Pay His Car's Repair Bill

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This is officially the dumbest crowdfunding product ever.

Some time ago we brought you video of a Ferrari 458 Speciale that had wrecked on the Nurburgring. The car was totaled and the gearheads of the world let out a sigh before moving on with their lives. Now the owner of that wrecked 458 is back, and he wants you to help fix his car. Apparently the repair bill came to $233,982, which the owner has decided to raise via crowdfunding. But wait, you get more than just karma points for fixing this car!

The team behind The Dead Ferrari made this helpful video to help educate prospective donors. Check it out to see why you should help out.

While this idea is certainly novel it's still ridiculous. Why help a supercar owner fix his car, especially when your reward is a tiny bit of photo space on either the hood or body? Apparently 5,000-plus people will see your photo every day, which seems impossible as that would make this Ferrari a daily driver. The only real reward is the chance to drive the repaired Ferrari for a month free of charge. Hell, even that's hard to attain as the raffle won't occur unless 50,000 people donate to the project. What's nice is that all donors get an invite to a party at the Nurburgring, where they'll be able to network and mingle with like-minded suckers.

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