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This Ohio Dealer Has 5 BMW Alpina Z8s Waiting for You

These collector's items are the ultimate roadster Autobahn cruiser.

From1999 to 2003, one of the best-looking vehicles rolling off the production linesat BMW was the gorgeous Z8 roadster. This car was so striking and unusual forits time, that it even became 007's ride in James Bond flick The World is Not Enough. Equippedwith the E39 M5's 4.9-liter V8 and 400 horsepower, it also had the soundand power to back up its looks. But for buyers looking to cruise the Autobahn withmore style and less bang, there was also the Alpina Z8.

ThisAlpina was equipped with a 4.6-liter V8, making 381 hp and 384 lb-ftof torque. Alpina also gave the Z8 an automatic 5-speed and asofter suspension. Like all Alpina products, it was meant as a niche vehicle,with only 555 units produced and 444 imported to the US. Now, five of these units are being offered for sale by the same Ohio dealer, MarshallGoldman. And despite being the less-powerful, more elegant model, theydon't come cheap: the five units are priced from $359,000 to $378,000. But if settling for the 'downgraded' performance model isn't for you, there isalso a 2002 Z8 model on the lot with your name on it.

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