This Old Fiat 500 Is Covered In Over 200 Pounds Of Human Hair

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No. Just no.

Some may want to classify this as a Car Mod Atrocity. We're not so sure, but it's without question outright strange. It may even be kind of gross. This old Fiat 500 is covered in over 200 pounds of human hair. That's right. Human hair. Specifically, women's' hair. Of course its owner works in a hair salon. Maria Lucio Mugno is a hairstylist who wants everyone everywhere to know what she does for a living, hence the car. It took over 150 hours to attach all of that hair, assumedly collected from her salon, at a total of 80,000 euros. Pretty nuts, right?

Indeed, but at least her efforts paid off because the final product holds a Guinness World Record for the world's hairiest car. If this story couldn't get any weirder, then know this: Mugno needs to maintain her car's hair just like one of her human clients.

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That means clipping it, applying some hair spray, and who knows what else. Not surprisingly, not everyone she knows and meets likes hair-covered Fiat. The thought of driving around in something, especially as tiny as an original Fiat 500, that's covered in human hair inside and out is a bit, uh, creepy. We get it. Art is art, but could this thing get lice?

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