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This Old School Porsche 911 Shames All Cayennes And Macans

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Yes, that's a 991 911 stacked on top.

Wisconsin-based Kelly-Moss Road and Race has done something we've been hoping an aftermarket tuning firm would one day do – build the ultimate 911 overlander. This classic-bodied 911 Carrera first came to life in 1984 but it is now completely different despite it looking mostly stock, save for the bigger wheels. The reality is that nearly every body panel has been improved to some capacity while the wheel arches are almost three inches larger than they were originally. Even the inner front arches have an additional five inches of clearance in order to accommodate those massive BF Goodrich tires. There are also new headlights and a roof-mounted LED beam unit.

We also couldn't help but notice those vintage Fuchs wheels. Inside, there's a custom-built cage that extends all the way to the front chassis for much-needed support. There's also a custom roof rack engineered to handle extremely heavy loads, to say the least.

Even with all of the heavily customized body fabrication work and various other structural reinforcements, this 911 tips the scales at only 2,500 pounds. Porsche 911s, at least the classic ones, were always about shedding unnecessary weight. The 3.4-liter air-cooled flat-six has also been modified, now producing 340 horsepower and paired to a manual transmission.

Other must-have overland upgrades include 11-inch Eibach springs up front and 10-inches at the rear and Exe-Tc adjustable twin-tube gravel shock absorbers.

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Step inside and you'll discover a completely new interior featuring modern-day digital toys, such as a backup camera. The Recaro leather seats also look mighty comfortable and Momo steering wheel looks perfect in this setting. There really are many, many other upgrades involved here and you ought to check out the company's official site to read them all.

While many Porsche purists have never fully accepted the Cayenne and Macan SUVs, there's no doubt in our minds they'll find this rally-inspired, 911 overlander far more appealing.