This One-Off Cadillac DeVille Comes Dripping In Celebrity And An Insane Price Tag

Thanks to one very special previous owner.

Unless you’vebeen living under a rock your entire life or don’t listen to music, thenyou’ve probably heard of Elvis Presley. The King of Rock was a huge Cadillac fan and drove the infamous pink Fleetwood and gold El Dorado. Elvisfanatics will most likely know all of that information, but did you know that Elvis’go-to vehicle was a 1972 Custom Cadillac Sedan DeVille Station Wagon? One Elvisfan now has a once in the lifetime opportunity to own this very wagon that Elvis himselfused.

That’s right. Youcan now get into a vehicle that Elvis drove. Cadillac custom made two of thesestation wagons with one of them going to Dean Martin that has since gone offof the grid. This station wagon has 24kt gold spokes, a 24kt gold Cadillac badgeand is truly one of the rarest vehicles in the world today. After Elvis’ death,the DeVille could be viewed in the Elvis Presley Museum, but has now been movedto California and is for sale. Thanks to Hemmings, one Elvis fan can get intothe vehicle for the hefty sum of $1.5 million. That’s an insane amount ofmoney, but being able to say that you own a vehicle that Elvis once drove isdefinitely priceless.

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