This One-Off Ferrari Was Built For A Very Rich Customer With Great Taste

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Who wants a 488 when Ferrari will build you a special 458?

If you have enough money, Ferrari will build you whatever you want. Even though the 458 has been replaced by the 488 GTB, a wealthy individual has commissioned Ferrari to build him a very special version of the 458. The one-off car is called the 458 MM Speciale and like the name suggests, it is based off of the 458 Speciale. That means it has a naturally aspirated 4.5-liter V8 with 597 hp. The Ferrari Styling Center has added a handcrafted aluminum body with carbon fiber front and rear bumpers, and the results are wonderful.


The changes aren't too drastic, but you can easily tell that this car is unique. The MM has black A-pillars that create a "visor" effect. There is also a new air scoop for additional cooling and a spoiler for downforce. The car is painted in Bianco Italia and has an Italian flag stripe across the length of the car. The front and rear lights have also been changed to add to the unique look, and the interior has upgraded leather with white accents. There is no word on how much this one-off car costs, but it is a hand-built custom Ferrari, so we're probably talking seven figures.

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