This One-Off McLaren 12C Could Only Be From Japan

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Enough carbon fiber to make Gemballa and Mansory run for the hills.

This owner may have gone a little crazy with the McLaren Special Operations option list. This 12C is a special one-off ordered by a customer in Japan. Dressed in Fire Black, the metallic paint work is barely enough to draw the eye away from the near obscene levels of carbon fiber and other aero wizardry adorning the car. The owner wanted to create a road-going variant of the 12C GT3 and it would appear he succeed. The massive rear wing, splitter, diffuser, roof snorkel, canards, air brake, and more are all carbon.

Every part of the car has been fitted with carbon fiber, even the gauge cluster housing. These only get crazier from there. The engine has been recalibrated to deliver more torque and features a "track use only" exhaust system. In homage to the McLaren F1, this 12C features a 24K gold heat shield. It may appear excessive but this owner clearly had track use in mind when building this 12C. Perhaps he couldn't wait for the 675LT to come out and just built his own. Clad in Pirelli Trofeo R tires, it would certainly appear that this 12C is all business. Interestingly, the car only has 2,672 miles on the odometer meaning it could have been used as a demo car for a Japanese tuning shop.

Whatever the reason, the owner is currently selling this 12C and has of yet to disclose the price. Fair to assume that the gold heat shield might have cost around the same as the car when it was new. With all those carbon fiber accouterments and other additions this 12C might rival the Singapore Grand Prix Edition at north of a million dollars. We can only assume how good it sounds and would really like to hear it howling out on track.

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