This One-Off Pagani Huayra 730S Is Officially Up For Sale

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For only $5.5 million.

Do you remember that exclusive Pagani Huayra 730S edition that we featured a video of not too long ago? Well, it's now up for sale for a measly $5.5 million. In case you don't remember what this Huayra 730S is and why it's so special, please allow us to bring you up to speed. Auto Youtuber Salomondrin, a known supercar enthusiast, recently had a bespoke Huayra custom built by Pagani. The design of his one-off 730S was inspired by the Zonda Tricolore and the Zonda R, and the result of these combined influences is spectacular.

One of the most tell-tale signatures of the Tricolore design is the beautiful Italian flag that lines the entire body from front to back. Some of the other awesome options included are a handcrafted engine built by Michael Kubler, a gorgeous blue leather interior, and a full carbon-fiber body that cost about $125,000 on its own. So, what makes this car so exclusive and a true one-off? Salomondrin wanted to make sure that no one would be able to copy his Huayra, and Pagani agreed to never to build a duplicate. So there you have it. A true one-of-one and an absolute masterpiece of Pagani craftsmanship that can be all yours. Any takers?

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