This Other Nissan GT-R Just Broke The Quarter-Mile Record With 2,500 HP

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GT-R tuners in a ping-pong battle of records.

Being the best is important to some, especially the super competitive guys in the world of drag racing. Track racers see records being set and broken with gaps of up to a few seconds, but quarter-mile warriors can make or break records with split seconds. We only just showed you what EKanoo Racing managed to do with it's Nissan GT-R with an estimated 2,300 horsepower at it's disposal. The car clinched the GT-R World Record with a 7.168 seconds at 209 mph.

Not to be outdone, AMS Performance headed straight to the track with it's Alpha-G drag GT-R to try and better the EKanoo time posted in the Middle East.

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The AMS crew took their Diamonds By Wire Alpha Performance Alpha-G GT-R, with an estimated 2,500 horsepower under the hood, through to Michigan for a few runs, you know, too prove a point. With driver Gidi Chamdi at the wheel, the Alpha-G got a near perfect launch and shifted through the gears seamlessly putting in a flawless run. The team saw the results but kept the time low-key until Gidi returned to the pits. As the door is opened he asked if he beat a 7.20 because it felt slow, but when he saw the time slip for himself he almost lost it. The Nissan GT-R World Record returns to the AMS camp with a new record run of 7.14 seconds at 212 mph. So that's both quicker and faster. Your turn EKanoo.

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