This Overpriced Koenigsegg Agera R Just Got A Massive Price Cut


We're talking over $500,000 off. Any takers?

When it comes to supercars it’s all too common to see them sold, or at least listed, for way more than the original price. Take the $5 million Ferrari LaFerrari, for example. Its original asking price was $1.4 million. In the case of this 2014 Koenigsegg Agera R the opposite has happened. British Motor Car Distributors, located in San Francisco of all places, originally listed it for $2.4 million. After finding no takers that price was slashed to $1.7 million. That’s a discount of $700,000 or just about a third of the original asking price.

Asking $2.4 million for an Agera R is a lot, even if it packs a twin-turbo 5.0-liter V8 that kicks out 1,140 horsepower. Oh, top speed is also 270 mph. Okay, that sort of sounds like a fair deal but strangely this Koenigsegg is available for export only. Also, we saw the last Agera R ever made up for sale in Germany with a price tag of "just" $2.1 million. Yeah, this example looks great and only has 601 miles on it but is it a bigger deal than the last Agera R ever created? No, no it’s not. Hopefully it’s new, lower price helps get it off the lot.

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