This Pagani May Have Just Destroyed The Nurburgring Lap Record

Holy mackerel, this time is REALLY fast.

Italian automaker Pagani knows how to build really fast cars. Look at the Zonda R; that track-only monster seta Nurburgring lap time record of 6:47.48 thanks to its 750-hp 6.0-liter V12engine. Once you combine that power with a very light carbon fiber body, extreme aerodynamics andstripped interior, you end up with a car that drives like a bullet. Andthis record was set years ago. Now there is a rumor that record has been broken by the Zonda Revolucion. Launched back in 2013, the Revolucion is an extremeversion of the already nutty Zonda R.

According to Instagram user lamborghiniks (real name Kris Singh), the Revolucion lapped the Green Hell in 6:30. That is ridiculous. How could it manage such a time? The Revolucion weighs only 2,359 lbs (same as the R) and has 800 hp, resulting in nothing but ridiculous speed. The $2.36 million dollar hypercar also has a six-speed magnesium reversal and sequential gearbox that shifts gears in 20 milliseconds and a drag reduction system (DRS) found on Formula 1 cars. The funny thing is that Pagani didn't report anything about doing an official Nurburgring lap time with the Revolucion. So is this guy just making this time up? Or is the Revolucion actually the fastest non-streel-legal car to lap the Green Hell?

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