This Pagani Zonda Has A Really Big Launching Problem


Seriously dude.

Everything about the Pagani Zonda F is just pure beauty. From the space age good looks of the car, to the quad tailpipes, dual nine spoke rims and ferocious sound. The Zonda F is quite simply the real world manifestation of gearhead fantasies. Seeing as how this Zonda is such a highly coveted hypercar, we'd hope that the privileged few who get to own them would actually use them properly, and at the very least know how to drive them. However, this video from Shmee150 has utterly shattered our hopes in this regard.

We're not sure what exactly the driver of this Zonda F is doing, but it seems that the guy just can't get a proper launch and is always left playing catch up. It's really an awful shame to see a car as unique and fast as a Zonda F lagging behind other cars that it can definitely compete with. Check the video out to see why we're so dismayed.

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