This Phoenix 1934 Ford Hotrod Is Actually A Full On Kit Car


When only a few steel-bodied '34 Fords made it to your country, you must improvise if you want to build rods for the masses.

There's no rules when it comes to building hotrods, if you can think it up and you have the tools and the knowhow to create it, you're on your way. If you saw a hotrod that you had to have, but the original 1934 base model was really hard to come by, you'd easily drop the idea. Unless you're Rage Motorsport in Johannesburg, South Africa. With just two steel bodies at its disposal, the firm managed to create a wicked hot rod that they can build over and over again. But how?

Being master craftsmen, they used their steel bodies to make a jig allowing them to produce perfect fibreglass cabs and load bins. The quality is amazing, most people who see the finished product knock on it to see if it's steel or not. The Phoenix (an appropriate name for a car born again) was the guys' first attempt at a full car and they nailed it. The ladder chassis is also designed and laser cut in-house, making the entire car custom. Having done it this way, they can mass produce these bodies and so offer them to clients as a kit or if the money is right, a finished build as seen here. Engine choice is left to the client, but can be supplied if needed.

There are plenty custom parts and trick bits like open pipes ending in a star, a V8 logo laser-cut into the suspension struts and the company logo embossed in the tailgate. There's a few hundred horses on tap thanks to a modified Raceparts Distribution Ford V8, which in an ultra lightweight body means the speed limit is quickly and unintentionally passed. This first car took a year to complete, but customers now only wait a few months for one. It could be faster but these guys manufacture parts for GT40 replica cars and other classic racecars sold worldwide, so that takes priority. They also make one with a full closed engine bay, but I can't see any reason to cover a shiny, worked V8, can you?

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