Autonomous Car

This Poor Grandma Cannot Stop Freaking Out Over Tesla's Autopilot System

"Oh geez, this is my first day out and I'm about to die!"

When Tesla’s Autopilot first dropped people didn’t know what to make of it. Some were amazed. Some got tickets. Some screwed around with it. Tesla’s first foray into autonomous driving has been around for some months now, but that doesn’t make it any less frightening to first timers. This grandma is downright terrified of giving up control of a car. Her reaction is absolutely hilarious. Her son—at least that’s who we assume is filming—seems to be getting a kick out of watching his mom damn near faint while at the wheel.

It’s easy to say this reaction is over the top, but we bet everyone’s first experience with Autopilot is a lot like this one. We’ll be getting behind the wheel of a Model S soon and will be sure to let you know if this freakout was warranted or not.

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