This Poor Toyota Supra Was Left To Rot On A Mountain In Japan

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For fans of the iconic Toyota Supra, this is a tragic tale.

The Toyota Supra was a staple of the Japanese drift scene, and was in its element when sliding down twisty mountain roads. Legend has it that an abandoned A70 Supra lurks deep in the mountains of Japan. Keen to investigate "the legend of the unrecoverable Supra", drifting YouTuber Alexi from Japanese car-culture website Noriyaro went on a quest to track it down, despite only having a "rough idea" of the car's location. After rummaging through trees on a steep hillside, what he discovered will make fans of the iconic Supra weep with sorrow.

Buried up to the windows in leaves and rocks, this Supra has clearly seen better days, but how it ended up in this condition is still a mystery. The third-generation Supra was produced between 1986 and 1993, so it's possible that it's been left to rot in the valley for decades. Despite this, the bodywork still appears to be intact aside from some damage on the driver's side.

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The same can't be said for the interior, which is a hive of leaves, rocks, and spider webs. Looking inside, Alexi observes that the steering wheel and driver's seat is missing but it has a rollcage, suggesting that the Supra has seen some racing action in its lifetime. Which probably explains how it ended up barreling down a Japanese hillside. Suffice to say, we'll probably never know what led to this Toyota's tragic fate. One YouTuber claims in a comment that the crash happened way back in 1992 after the speeding driver lost control. Allegedly, they were going to recover the car but simply forgot. Trees then started to grow in the area, so they left it abandoned for 25 years. What a tragic tale.

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