This Porsche 910 Has Been Converted Into An Electric Supercar

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The legacy of Steve McQueen's Porsche 910 lives on - but not quite in the way you would expect.

If you've never heard of the Austrian battery maker and car customizer Kreisel Electric, all you need to know is that the company built Arnold Schwarzenegger an all-electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Its latest project, however, is more ambitious, if a bit bizarre: what you're looking at here is a custom all-electric Porsche 910. It's based on the iconic Porsche race car best known for winning the Nürburgring 1000 km in 1967 and its starring role in Steve McQueen's Le Mans film, but is completely road legal.

The startup company calls its creation the Kreisel Evex 910e. Only 35 examples of the Porsche 910 were made during the 1960s, but before you start to panic that Kreisel Electric is sacrificing rare race cars, it's a replica model made by EVEX Fahrzeubgau which looks convincingly authentic. During the extensive modification process, Kreisel Evex installs an electric powertrain using a 53kWh battery pack connected to a 360-kW electric motor which produces 483-horsepower and 568 lb-ft of torque. This is a blisteringly fast electric supercar that can do 0-62 mph in 2.5 seconds and achieve a top speed exceeding 186 mph.

The Kreisel Evex 910e can be charged on a 100kW circuit, has an impressive range of 350 km (around 217 miles), and can even store energy and power your house. Kreisel Electric says it will produce the EV in limited numbers, though it's currently on display at the Techno Classica Show in Essen, Germany. Marrying the vintage design of the Porsche 910 race car with modern EV technology to create a road-going electric supercar with enough power to take on Tesla is an undeniably impressive achievement - Steve McQueen would probably be proud. Less appealing, however, is the asking price: prepare to shell out $1 million if you want to own one.

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