This Porsche 911 By Singer May Be The Best Retro Sports Car Out There

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Some would say that this classic has been "perfected," not "modified."

Matt Euson isn't your typical Porsche driver. He's a businessman who is the president of a successful fire protection engineering company, holds a degree in finance, and has a love for well-engineered machines, but that's where the stereotypes stop. Unlike those lawyers who use their 911s as status symbols or the doctors who keep them locked away in a garage, Euson drives his 911 just about every day. No excuses. If only our gym routines were as consistent as Euson's Porsche philosophy.

Then again, it's not like we have a 911 reimagined by Singer waiting for us at the gym. That would ensure we're there every singe day. So what kind of motivating loot is Euson sitting on exactly?

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None other than a 964 911 restomod that's been given a body that resembles an old long-hood 911, albeit with most of its body panels made of carbon fiber for ultimate weight reduction and a better center of gravity. Thanks to an air-cooled 4.0-liter flat-six, this Singer 911 sings all the way to 7,200 rpm and makes upwards of 390 horsepower, which is routed rearward through a six-speed manual transmission. If that isn't a recipe for a car from the gods, we don't know what is. While Euson makes it sound like driving his 911 is a bit of a workout, we can see precisely why he dedicates so much time to being behind the wheel of this masterpiece.

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