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This Porsche 911 Is An Off-Road Animal That's Unlike Anything Else

From the race track to dirt roads.

We’re all used to seeing the Porsche 911 as a formidable road car in every aspect. Fast, powerful and, today, luxurious, it’s been the definitive sports car for decades. But then something like this comes along and potentially changes things, for the better of course. This is professional race car driver Leh Keen’s Safari 911. From the moment you set eyes on it you know it’s something not only different but special. Perhaps the best way to think of it is as the 911 version of the Baja Beetle.

“As soon as you go up and down a dirt road and fly around a corner, and dust and rocks are flying up, and you’re in a 911, it all comes together. It all makes sense – it’s like a really, really nice Baja Beetle,” according to Keen. Hard to argue with that after seeing this thing in action.

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