This Porsche 911 R Is Going To Sell For Crazy Money Next Month

For Sale

Will it hit at least $1 million? Probably.

By now it’s no secret that the Porsche 911 R has drastically increased in value in a very short period of time. Launched for 2016, production was limited to just 991 examples, all of which were quickly swooped up by anxious collectors and Porsche fans alike. But many also correctly saw a solid investment opportunity, and many are already cashing in. Set to hit the RM Auction block next month at Villa Erba in Lake Como, Italy, this Porsche 911 R is production number 235 and has around 600 miles on its clock.

In other words, it’s barely been driven. The auction claims this particular one, painted in gorgeous GT Silver Metallic with Green racing stripes and a black leather interior, was delivered to its first and so far only owner in Italy, who also happens to be a Porsche collector. He’s kept the car in perfect condition and it shows. Other features include Porsche Communication Management (PCM), cruise control, fire extinguisher, and the 90-liter fuel tank. As previously reported, we’ve all been witnessing these extremely rare 911 Rs sell for ridiculous money, which can climb to over $1 million. The original sticker price? Around $186,000 before options. Not bad at all for what’s essentially a GT3 RS without the PDK dual-clutch.

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No, the 911 R is for the purists, hence the return of the six (not seven, hurray!)-speed manual. Power comes from the same 500 hp 4.0-liter naturally aspirated flat-six from the GT3 RS track animal. Along with that ass-mounted engine, the 911 R receives the GT3 RS’s magnesium roof, front and rear carbon fiber decklids, and carbon fiber front fenders. Porsche claims the 911 R was also the lightest of its then-current 911s, weighing in at 3,021 pounds. But we think we all need to take a few minutes to just stare at this lovely German creation. That low and wide stance. Those 20-inch wheels. Es ist wunderbar. RM Auctions hasn’t revealed a starting auction price, but we predict this one will easily climb to the $1 million club. Photos courtesy of RM Auctions.