This Porsche 911 Safari Has An Interior Unlike Anything Else

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It's made out of notebooks. Maybe.

Everyone loves a good Safari 911. Hell, everyone always has. The idea of an off-road 911 dates back to the late 70s when the brand from Stuttgart decided they'd lift a 911 a bit higher off the ground and go racing in the East African Safari race. Since then, the formula hasn't really changed much. It's typically comprised of a suspension lift, more lights, some underbelly protection, mudflaps, and of course, a little extra sauce in the flat-six motor.

Stone Island has gone and checked all of those boxes, with a few touches of their own. For those of you unfamiliar with the brand, they make sportswear. For this car, the brand worked with artist Daniel Arsham. The car? That's a 1986 Porsche 911 Turbo. And it looks a lot cooler off-road than any Porsche Cayenne ever will. Well, except for maybe a Transsyberia Cayenne.

Stone Island/Instagram Stone Island/Instagram Stone Island/Instagram

To be more specific about those checked "safari 911" boxes, the team added a moderate lift, new skid plates and bumpers, and a huge light pod. Also affixed is another Safari 911 staple, a meaty set of off-road tires, not unlike the ones you might find on a Porsche Cayenne Transsyberia. The paint was kept nice and simple- matte black to contrast with the white bumper bar and skid plate. It also contrasts well with the interior, which is where Stone Island comes in. First, a brief aside. The Unimog you see in the gallery was part of the two-car collaboration, but that's a story for another time.

Regardless, Stone Island had its hands on both interiors. The Porsche got a unique moleskin (not the notebooks) interior. Like the face of those famous notebooks, the cotton seats were dyed and treated to give it a worm effect.

Stone Island/Instagram Stone Island/Instagram Stone Island/Instagram

The story is much the same on the door cards and seat inserts. However, those do have a slightly different pattern to them. For those of you that like to match your outfit to your cars (weird flex, but okay), well, you can't. While Stone Island did create a unique set of luggage and clothing to compliment not just the 911, but the Unimog, you can't have 'em. Those are limited to folks close to the apparel company. We suppose you'll just have to go build your own Safari 911, just like Porsche did all those years ago.

Stone Island/Instagram Stone Island/Instagram Stone Island/Instagram

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