This Porsche 911 Turbo S Vs. 911 GT3 RS Race Is Closer Than You'd Think

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Could they even record the exact same lap time?

Say you're in the fortunate position to be in the market for a brand new Porsche 911, and you want to go all the way. Only the top range trims will do, so you've narrowed the choice down to either the 911 Turbo S or the 911 GT3 RS (again, we're pretending here). Which one offers the best track abilities? Which one is the ultimate trim of the current 911 generation? Thanks to Evo, this new head-to-head onboard track video footage ought to help settle things. Both 911s are priced similarly, but they're still very unique in their own ways.

While Turbo S is an all-wheel drive, forced induction beast with more of a focus towards luxury and creature comforts, the GT3 RS is all about optimal performance, featuring tons of carbon fiber parts for weight reduction and that massive rear wing for extreme downforce.

And, of course, it's rear-wheel-drive and powered by a naturally aspirated inline-six with 500 hp. Evo's track comparison was done right by having the same driver behind the wheel and, low and behold, each recorded exactly the same lap time. So which of these two 911s would you pick? Maybe it doesn't even matter because you'll be going insanely fast regardless.


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