This Porsche 924 Thinks It's A Ferrari

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And the crazy owner wants $16,000 for it.

Spotting a fake Ferrari isn't difficult. There are usually clear-cut signs of its fraudulence, such as unusual-looking shapes, poor-fitting body panels, and proportions that simply just don't look right. Some Ferrari replicas are better than others but it's still amazing people think they can get away with the fact they're not driving something from Modena. Everything from Pontiac Fieros and Chevy Camaros to the occasional Chevy Corvette have served as the base vehicle for a Ferrari conversion, but this is the first time we've seen a Porsche turned into a Ferrari. Yep, someone actually did this and now they're trying to sell it on German auto sales site

What you're looking at used to be a Porsche 924, only now it looks like a Ferrari Testarossa. There's even the 'Testarossa' name glued on the back in case you were in any doubt. The advertisement states the conversion was done only last year and the new body panels are made of aluminum.

Other interesting touches include a targa roof (which the Testarossa never had) and a fake engine cover. Unlike the Ferrari, the Porsche 924 is front-engined and instead of a flat-12 comes powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder rated at 123 horsepower and paired to a five-speed manual gearbox taken from a 924 Turbo donor.

The interior features a custom-built center console, a Momo steering wheel with the Ferrari emblem, and an aftermarket stereo. All told, it has about 48,500 miles on its odometer and the seller even admits "it's not a perfect car".

The 14,900 euros ($16,000) asking price might at first seem somewhat reasonable but, again, it's a fake Ferrari despite its Porsche underpinnings. You can easily find an all-original and unmolested Porsche 924 for less than that.

The car is currently located in Germany where local Porsche fans probably aren't too pleased with this. Don't expect Italians to give it a good reception either.
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