This Porsche 935 Racer And VW Van Make A Perfect Pair


If you're looking to buy a vintage Porsche 935 race car, why not have the matching VW support van to go with it?

Porsche has plenty of historic racing pedigree. One of the most successful race-derived 911s was the 935, one of which is heading to the upcoming Bonham’s Spa Classic Sale on May 21. If the prospect of owning one of Porsche’s finest vintage race cars isn’t enticing enough, bidders will also be able to take home a matching Volkswagen T2 Transport van, both sporting the iconic Martini racing livery. This 1976 Porsche 935 was part of a limited run of customer cars built for the 1977 racing season.

It famously finished in first place at Hockenheim driven by renowned Porsche enthusiast Kremer from Cologne, Germany. Specifically, this model is a 934/5 designed to overcome race regulations. Since the US IMSA GT Championship banned the 935 from competing, Kremer’s racing team fitted a 934 with parts from the 935 to create the 934/5 hybrid. After competing in three German races in 1977, the 934/5 was sold to the renowned German race driver Edgar Doren who entered it into the gruelling 24 Hours of Le Mans and achieved several endurance race victories. It was then consigned to storage before being restored in 2006 to compete in historic races.

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It still retains the original 2.8-liter engine that produces 315 horsepower, as well as the same lightweight body panels and aerodynamics. The accompanying T2 Transporter van may not seem as desirable, but looks can be deceiving as it has a very unique history. Designed as a support vehicle for the 934/5 with a stripped out interior to carry all the necessary service tools, it only entered three races in its lifetime, but comes packed with a 2.1-liter boxer engine from a Porsche 914 delivering 110-hp, making it much faster than most trundling Transporters. It was picked up along with the 934/4 by a professor named Michael Rudnig to race with the 934/4 in historic events.

It's also worth noting that both vehicles didn't originally have matching Martini racing liveries. Collectively, both the 934/5 and Transporter are expected to fetch around $500,000. Should they be sold separately, the 934-5 is expected to sell for around $350,000 - $440,000, while the Transporter should sell for around $50,000. They may seem like an unlikely match having not met at birth, but now they seem inseparable.