This Porsche 964 Hot Rod Is Called The "Growler" And Makes An Insane Sound

Can you guess why it’s called that?

Some gearheads havea true bond with their vehicles that goes far beyond simple ownership. Whatwe have here is such a story. Alexander Bermudez turned a Porsche, which hewasn't initially interested in owning, into a marvelously raw monster. To make the vehicle the ultimate canyon carver, the 964 has asunroof-less roof, a roll cage, Recaro seats, less weight, a more powerfulmotor and Carrera RS suspension. Another wonderful benefit to this modified 1990 Porsche 964 is the amazing noise it emits.

What as disinterest turned into a passion project that is now being flogged around twisty canyon roads. Watchthe video below and see what happens when you give an older car a second chanceat life.

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