This Porsche GTS Thief Is One Dumb Criminal

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Daring doesn't outdo dumb.

When you think of car theft, and particularly that of a high-end vehicle, you would likely think of something out of a movie scene, where every detail is planned meticulously. In the case of this Porsche 911 GTS thief, such extensive planning was clearly not in play. While others have used technology to steal some of the most advanced cars in the world, this particular criminal was clearly acting on a random opportunity, passing himself off to a car wash attendant as the legitimate owner. For some reason, the thief was believed, but his joyride didn't last long.

Boss Hunting Boss Hunting

The Australian thief seems to have been passing Magic Hand car wash in West Melbourne when he saw his chance and took it, while the rightful owner was just sipping on a latte. According to a report by Boss Hunting, the thief approached the attendant, who was confused but obviously couldn't fathom that someone would make such a brazen play at the car unless that person was indeed affiliated with the correct owner.

The car wash attendant complimented the chap on his car and was even told "If you work hard, you could have a car like this." Clearly the thief has a skewed idea of what hard work ought to be.

Porsche Front Angle View Porsche Porsche
Front Angle View

The real cracker is that the thief didn't even make it much further than a quarter-mile down the road before traffic put a sudden stop to his plans. Seeing no way out, he then decided to try ram his way out, damaging several other cars in the process. But in a bright red Porsche, where did he really think he could go? Who knows. It turns out that the man was in possession and under the influence of narcotics, and had already had his licence disqualified. Naturally, police smashed the driver's window to arrest him, putting an end to his very brief criminal rampage. Unfortunately, the damage will reportedly exceed $100,000.

Porsche Sideward Vision Porsche
Sideward Vision
Source Credits: Boss Hunting

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