This Presidential Hopeful Wants GM Employees To Be Prosecuted For Faulty Ignition Switches


Politics aside this isn't a bad idea.

Chris Christie has a bone to pick with General Motors. The presidential hopeful and current governor of New Jersey said as much during a recent Republican presidential debate on CNBC. Christie was asked by Jim Cramer, host of CNBC's "Mad Money," if the employees at GM responsible for the ignition switch fiasco which has been linked to 124 deaths deserved to be in jail. "You bet they do," Christie said. "And if I were the prosecutor, that is exactly where they would be."

According to Christie, politics have spared GM employees from being prosecuted. "The Justice Department under this president has been a political Justice Department. It has been a Justice Department that decided that they want to pick who the winners and losers are. They like General Motors, so they gave them a pass." Governor Christie was a former US Attorney under George W. Bush so he knows a bit about the Justice Department and its workings. GM was forced to pay up for the scandal but the process was a long and drawn out one. Christie is a long shot for the Republican presidential nomination but it will be interesting to see if his comments during a nationally televised debate spur officials at the Justice Department to act.

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