This Pro Motorcycle Rider Hit 275 MPH On His Rocket Bike

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And that was just a practice run.

Guy Martin may not be a familiar name to those of you don't follow motorcycle racing. Well, Martin is a veteran of the infamous Isle of Man TT race held once a year on the small island just off the coast of the United Kingdom. Martin and Triumph have teamed up in an effort to break the land speed world record for a motorcycle at the Bonneville Salt Flats in just a few days. During practice, Martin broke his personal record by reaching 275 mph, according to a report by RideApart.

The land speed record for a motorcycle currently stands at a staggeringly fast 376.363 mph. That record was set back in 2010 by rider Rocky Robinson. During this week's practice session, Martin easily broke Triumph's speed record as the team prepares for the true record run on August 13. The bike he will be riding is constructed of a carbon Kevlar monocoque with power being provided by two turbocharged Triumph Rocket III engines producing a combined 1000 hp. That is a serious amount of horsepower to handle with just two wheels on the ground. In order to achieve the record, the bike will be powered by methanol fuel and compete in the streamlined motorcycle category.

The true record run will commence on August 13 as the Bonneville speed week kicks off. Here's hoping that Martin and Triumph can pull it off safely.

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