This Pro Racer Has No Problems Driving A Koenigsegg One:1 In Heels

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You wouldn't be nearly as capable as Carina Lima.

Fact: The worlds of racing and hypercar ownership are traditionally male-dominated. Fact: Women can drive just as well as men and are not afraid of buying the world's most expensive and extreme cars. And now to prove my point we have Carina Lima, a Portuguese racing driver and Koenigsegg One:1 owner. Lima was spotted driving her One:1 around Monaco (of course) and upon exiting it we see that she's wearing heels. Does this situation seem dicey to anyone? Driving a supercar making 1,360 horsepower in heels sounds like a recipe for disaster.

But what we fear more is handing the keys over to a valet. Lima has plenty of experience in both realms, having been seen driving around Monaco previously in an Agera R. We trust the heels more than the valets. One:1 photo by @carinalima_racing on Instagram.

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