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This Proves Once And For All Which Is Better: The Car Or The Motorcycle?

Can the car reign supreme against the bike?

There are a ton of videos showing tuned cars and motorcycles crossing swords on the drag strip. And there is compelling evidence that bikes are quicker in straight lines but can't corner as tightly as cars. This is in part because a rider faces significant danger due to accelerating too quickly or taking a corner too tightly. In short, each vehicle its own strengths and weaknesses. Regardless, British motorcycle racer Guy Martin wants to prove which is better and he put together a lengthy video to do just that.

The video is nearly one hour long and tests a Red Bull Formula 1 car and a BMW S1000RR in four categories. The two vehicles compete in a drag race, braking test, slalom course, and finally a race around Silverstone. So, once and for all, which is better? The car or the bike?

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