This Race Between The Ferrari 488 and F12 Is Too Close To Call

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We can't believe how similar these two different Ferrari models are in a drag race.

The 488 GTB and F12 Berlinetta are two very different Ferrari models. The 488 is a mid-engined car with a 3.9-liter 660 hp twin-turbo V8. The F12 is front-engined car with a 6.3-liter 731 hp naturally-aspirated V12. Even though the F12 is much more powerful, it is more of GT car and thus weighs about 200 pounds more than the 488. We know that the F12 has already been replaced by the 812 Superfast, but it is still interesting to see how this already out-of-date Ferrari GT can do against its mid-engined sibling.

Both cars can hit 60 mph in around three-seconds flat, but the F12 has the higher top speed of 211 mph compared to the 488's 201 mph. When these two cars race through the half-mile, we could not believe how close they were.

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The F12 had a better reaction time, which helped it cross through the quarter-mile in 11.664 seconds compared to the 488 which took 11.737 seconds. By the time the two cars reach the half-mile, the 488 actually catches up and finishes in 17.840 seconds at 161 mph compared to the F12 in 17.966 seconds at 157 mph. We were surprised that the 488 was actually quicker in the half-mile, and we can't wait to see this same test with the new Superfast.

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