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This Raging Bull Took Lamborghini From Making Tractors To Supercars

Few vehicles in the world have the prestige as the 1960 Mirua.

The story of how Lamborghini went from a tractor company to a supercar automaker is truly astonishing. But what makes the story even better is this incredible 1970 Lamborghini Miura P400S owned by a true enthusiast. In the late ‘60s, Dennis Vani got a ride in a Miura and set his mind on getting into one. It may have taken him a few years to get into one, but Vani has owned this V12 monster since 1979 and drives it regularly. Sometimes, getting into the car of your dreams is worth the wait, especially when it looks and sounds this good.

There’s something magical about the Miura and the video below does an incredible job of outlining why this supercar is still breathtaking.

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