This Rally-Inspired Electric Supercar Is Faster Than The Tesla Roadster

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0-62 mph takes just 1.8 seconds. And it can tackle off-road terrain.

Tesla set a new performance benchmark for EVs with the unveil of the new Roadster. Due to arrive in 2020, the electric roadster is capable of hitting 0-62 mph in a neck-snapping 1.9 seconds. Unsurprisingly, this has encouraged other automakers to step up to the challenge. Recently, Rimac presented the awe-inspiring C_Two, which can do the same sprint in 1.85 seconds. And now there's another new challenger in the EV race. Enter Taiwanese car maker Xing Mobility, which set its sights firmly on Tesla with the oddly-named Miss R.

At this stage the project is still at the prototype stage, but it has a lot of potential. Shown in a new video as a working prototype demonstrating the technology, Xing Mobility describes the Miss R as the "first electric supercar with both on-road and off-road capabilities."

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An off-road setting allows it to tackle rough terrain with a changeable tire and fender set and an increased ride height. Powering the Miss R is an electric powertrain developed in-house producing 1,341-horsepower. Xing Mobility claims this setup propels the car to 62 mph in just 1.8 seconds, beating the Tesla Roadster, and on to 124 mph in just 5.1 seconds. Granted, it's only a tenth of a second quicker off the line than the Tesla Roadster, but it's all about bragging rights. The prototype car being shown off at AutoTronics Taipei this week, alongside an exposed version of the battery pack.

According to Xing Mobility, the battery pack features immersive cooling with 4,116 cells and 98 modules, and is said to be one of the highest power-density EV battery packs on the market. Interestingly, Xing Mobility isn't only planning to apply the technology to supercars. Apparently, the company is also working on a 3.5-ton truck with a similar setup to rival the Tesla Semi dubbed - wait for it - "Mr. T". CEO and co-founder Royce YC Hong promises that, "Miss R is not just a toy to have fun in, but it is also a platform from which Xing Mobility are able to innovate advanced electric vehicle technologies." Whether any of these projects become a reality, of course, remains to be seen, as very few Tesla challengers have managed to get past the prototype stage so far.

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