This Range Rover Classic Restomod Packs A Much Bigger V8

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6.2 liters trumps 3.5 any day of the week.

A V8 has always been part of the Range Rover formula. But the original never had this much muscle. The model that would later become known as the Range Rover Classic packed a Buick-based 3.5-liter V8. This one also features a GM-sourced engine, but it's much bigger at 6.2 liters. And while the company that built it didn't specify exact output, you can bet it's a good two or three times the original's 135 hp.

It's called Project Red Rover, and it's the work of specialist firm ECD Automotive Design. It's only the second Range Rover Classic it's ever made, but what a Range Rover it is.

The engine's mated to a six-speed automatic transmission, which may not be up to the eight speeds of the current Range Rover, but it's twice as many ratios as the three-speed automatic with which the original was available.

True to its name, the Red Rover is done up in a deep Carmen Red Pearl paint, with red stitching on the cream leather interior to match. And it looks like it works rather well with the 20-inch Kahn Mondial alloys, too. The modernized cabin also features inductive charging for your phone and upgraded climate-control and infotainment systems. But you won't mistake this for anything but a classic inside.

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ECD also upgraded the air suspension and gave it multiple modes to handle whatever terrain you might care to throw it at. Which is a good thing, because no matter how gussied-up it may be, this is still a Range Rover. And Range Rovers are capable vehicles, to say the least.

Like what you see? East Coast Defender (as the company was formerly known) will build one for you, too, but you'd better be prepared to pay. It currently has a modified Land Rover Defender for sale at a princely $170k, and we doubt the more luxurious Range Rover would cost you less.

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