This Range Rover Sport Truck Is Onto Something

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Obviously only a rendering, but we'd be open to a premium pickup.

We've always been open, however slight, to the possibility of Land Rover building a pickup truck someday. Yes, we know, Land Rover is now way too premium to add a truck to its lineup. Then again, the Ford F-150 Platinum edition is about as luxurious as any car of any type can get. So how about a little competition in this realm? Rendering artist Theophilus Chin has just released these images of what a possible Range Rover Sport Truck could look like.

It's really nothing more than a Range Rover Sport minus the rear roof and seats, but still, the possibility here is intriguing. Obviously the styling could be further modified to give it more of a truck look. However, we think an even better possibility is to wait and see what the next-generation Defender is going to look like. That may be and even better basis for a truck.

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