This Rare 1970 First-Gen Nissan Skyline GT-R Sedan Is Beautifully Restored And Up For Auction

The first Godzilla.

The history of the GT-R is quite a long one, much longer than most of the big names in Japanese performance cars. The Skyline nameplate dates back to 1957, and in those days, it wasn't even a Nissan. The car was made by a company named Prince, which would later be acquired by Nissan. Prince had an interest in motorsports, and would build high performance versions of the Skyline even before the Nissan merger.

But it was after Nissan had taken over, and the badging on the Skyline changed over, that the first Skyine GT-R debuted in 1969. Early models, such as this one here, were all four-door sedan versions, although a coupe version would debut toward the end of 1970. The coupe proved much more popular, and only 832 units of the first-gen sedan were ever made. That makes restored examples like this one valuable, and when it goes up for auction, it is expected to get between $100,000 and $150,000. Just 3,000 of the 58,200 km on the clock are post-restoration.

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