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This Lamborghini Countach Had A Terrible Day

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Permission to grieve is granted.

Few to no words can describe this. It breaks the heart and makes the world a little bit of a less good place. This right-hand drive 25th Anniversary Edition Lamborghini Countach is no more. Even if it somehow gets repaired it'll never be the same. You can buy its ruins right now on car auction website Copart, a site we've come to sadly know as the go-to location for anyone looking to buy the remains of something that was once great.

This time, however, the car in question is located in the UK, hence it being right-hand drive. And it's clearly a 25th Anniversary Edition Countach because it says so right on the door sill. Launched in 1988, the Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary Edition was styled by none other than Horacio Pagani who worked at the Italian supercar brand for several years before going off on his own.

We all know how well that worked out for him. Mechanically similar to the Countach 5000QV, this late-model Countach featured a modified engine bay cover, a rear bumper, and an enlargement of the rear air-box intake-ducts, among others. The exterior styling, many die-hard Countach fans felt, looked a bit too similar to that of its arch-rival, the Ferrari Testarossa.

Nevertheless, this was likely the fastest and most refined Countach Lamborghini ever made, going from 0 to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds and topping off at 183 mph. This Countach was built right up until the Diablo's debut in 1990. Over the years, all Lamborghini Countachs have become rare, some more so than others. The 25th Anniversary Edition is one of the more special ones. And now there's one less.

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The seller of this clearly wrecked Countach set a reserve price and as of this writing, it hadn't been met. The highest bid so far is £4,050. Its estimated retail value is £300,000. According to the latest exchange rates, that's around $5,300 and $393,000, respectively. The damage to the car is extensive. Both the right side front and rear ends suffered direct hits. The rear right wheel is completely bent. The V12 engine appears to be intact but a closer examination could reveal some more bad news.

On the bright side, the interior looks to be generally okay. There's also some unspecified undercarriage damage. In short, this Countach is no more and is likely good for spare parts only.