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This Rauh Welt Begriff Porsche 993 Looks Like It's Out Of A Video Game

Good luck finding another one like this again.

It’s no secret that prices forair-cooled Porsches have gone through the roof recently. While enthusiasts areusually looking for an all-original model, this Rauh Welt Begriff (RWB) Porsche993 911 is a highly modified beast that is for sale for the whopping price of $175,000.This incredible machine was created by Akira Nakai and is worth a lot more thanan original 993 911. Getting a vehicle from the Japanese tuner is somethingthat’s nearly impossible and usually requires talking to Nakai himself.But a used example recently hit the market.

The monstrous air-cooled Porsche isfitted with RWB’s super wide street body kit with a Kamiwaza double deck wing, incrediblylarge wheels, Rotana front extended carnards and more that makes this Porsche badass.This 993 911 isn’t all show and no go. The beastly 911’s engine has been fittedwith Fabspeed 993 sport headers, a Supercup exhaust system and otherperformance parts that make the 3.6-liter motor more potent. To keep the engine’sperformance in line, the 911 also comes with Brembo brakes, JRX RS-Pro coiloverand a variety of suspension parts from ERP. The RWB 993 911 is a rare beast thatis worth every penny of the $175,000 asking price.

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