This Resto-Modded Porsche 911 Will Have You Rethinking Your Priorities

And the way you look at classics.

It seems like everyone and everything is creating amazing versions of classic Porsches these days, but there are just a handful of companies that stand out and Kaege happens to be one of them. The German tuning company’s latest work of art will surely draw heads and bring fanatics to their knees. The Kaege Retro utilizes the body of a 1972 Porsche 911 but features the mechanicals and platform of a 993. From the outside, this classic 911 is simply stunning, but there's more.

The body has been widened by a considerable amount and the stock body panels have been replaced by carbon fiber parts. The interior is just as drool-worthy, featuring various components from a host of 911 generations and finished in an appealing green and tartan trim. The only thing that may turn wealthy enthusiasts away are the 996 steering wheel and chromed gauges, but, hey, these are small gripes. Kaege may have given the 911 a retro look, but the big three-piece wheels, carbon-fiber front splitter and LED headlights give some much-needed modern touches to the classic. In the back, the Retro’s 3.6-liter flat-six motor puts out 296 hp, which is a lot for a sports car that weights in at roughly 2,600 lbs.

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